Sapphire Ice Cooling System DT003 Review

By LUBEX Beauty
"I requested this Laser Hair Removal Device by Lubex to review and aid my wife with her hair removal from the facial area along with her underarms and legs. I previously had spent good money on a national brand named Epilator and although it worked very well in removing unwanted hair it was quite painful each and every time she used it. This Laser device so far has given her very little discomfort in its' use and as far as long lasting effects she won't know anytime soon due to it taking 6 to 8 weeks for positive results. She did add that compared to her Epilator this IPL device (Intense Pulse Light) was a piece of cake to tolerate since the temperature range on her skin actually felt very cool.

The only drawback I can see is as she gets older and her natural hair color will turn more gray than brown I would assume from the color charts that notes the skin colors as well as the hair colors that work best for this device then it would no longer be effective once her body hairs when they begin to turn to gray but hopefully that will be a number of years down the road for her. Also this device states that it will have visible hair reduction in just 6-8 weeks which my wife is happy with but with others being sold on Amazon, that I found in basically the same price range, some tout that you can get visible results in 3 weeks, but the difference seems to be not just in the number of treatments recommended per week but possibly the quicker results seem to be due to the fact that the other brand is using a higher wattage. The "Ice Cooling" effect temps appear to be different so with the Lubex you get a max. temperature variation of 41 to 50 degrees F. and with what appears to be a more powerful model you get a slightly higher temp averaging 67 degrees F..

As I mentioned earlier the wife is satisfied with Lubex's promises of visible results in 6 to 8 weeks but if you want to see faster results you might check on Amazon for models in the same price range but which may possess a higher wattage device that promises quicker results but the quicker results are more than likely sue to a slightly higher temp on the skin which allows it to work quicker...

Also as a common sense cautionary note it should stated that for any of these IPL devices you should refrain from using them directly on your genitals, eyes, tattooed areas, birthmarks, or on skin with open wounds.“