Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men 1196B Green Review

By LUBEX Beauty
"I’m so happy I purchased this product! I’ve had great results so far and it’s so much cheaper than going to a clinic to have professional treatments. I have olive skin and black course hair that returns with a vengeance after shaving or waxing, so I’ve had my eye on IPL for a while.

The unit itself is minimalist and chic, and looks much more expensive than actual price. It has a touch screen for selecting between intensity modes (face, body, bikini) and auto/manual mode (auto emits a pulse every few seconds as long as the laser window is covering skin surface vs manual which allows you to select the timing of emitting a pulse). It’s overall easy to use! I’ve accidentally touched the screen during a session and moved from one mode to the next unintentionally and only realized much later, but that’s the only downside to this design in my opinion.

The pulses are moderately intense on my arms and legs but it painful. There’s a definite zap of heat and a sting, but it’s no biggie. The bikini area is very painful - similar to getting a bikini wax. Lots of cursing under my breath, but tolerable if I set the mode to bikini and intensity to a 3 out of 5. I like to watch tv in my bedroom with the eye protection on while I zap!

It’s been about 2 weeks since I started doing treatments 3 times a week, and the hair on the areas I treated started falling out today. I googled and learned that this is a sign of successful hair follicle penetration by the IPL. I’ll repeat again when follicles that are currently dormant go into active growth and I see new hairs appear."